Making Changes in Your Life Can Be FUN!

Rather than wait and  be forced to change, why not create your own gentle catalyst. Transform daily existence into Dynamic 3D Living through the power of art. ART PATH Reading and Report helps you discover what your soul needs. 


The soul can speak a language that we might not always understand consciously: symbols. And, your soul needs new things for growth and balance.  But, we often get stuck in ruts, choosing the same things over and over. We resist change because it is unfamiliar, makes us rattled,  it challenges us and most of all, it requires that we are fully present in the here and now.  


With  ART PATH you can:

  • Reignite your passion...
  • Revitalize your energy...
  • Get valuable insights and experience personal growth...

​​ shaking things up with your soul's  ART PATH Reading and Report.  It's easy, simple, gentle and fun. 


Changing your life doesn't require something big. Sometimes, alls it takes is listening to your soul and giving it what it needs: new symbolism, expanded meaning and stimulation.


Your ART PATH may not go with your couch or match personal (comfortable) style, but it does feed your soul.

About Sancti Spiritus

“Realizing Mindfulness, Mysticism and Manifestation in Creative Living”


Creative living is a journey. It just doesn’t happen, it unfolds when we take creative action.


We hone our skills, discover and use natural shortcuts, challenge our fears and procrastination to create Sancti Spiritus- “Sacred You”.


We are not just a spiritual, art or self-improvement site.  We are about exercising our divinity within our creative power to clothe ourselves in a magical and purposeful life the way we envision it.


“Create a  3D dynamic life with Sancti Spiritus.”


What People are Saying...
A major benefit has been discovering a new set of life skills and tools, understanding their value and learning how to implement them in my life.  This knowledge has given me a sense of accomplishment and growing confidence in my abilities in multiple areas of my life. It helped me to see the roadblocks that I (and at times others) place in my path and how to remove those roadblocks so forward motion is possible.  Most of all, I have become accountable for my own personal growth. I have become empowered to take action in areas I was too afraid to confront.
Cindy B., TN
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Our Gift To you...

To generate your reading, you will recieve a link to a custom assessment that will be personally analyzed by Mario Zeleny from Sancti Spirtus.


In 2 (often much sooner) to 5 (sometimes longer if demand is high) days, you will recieve an individualized report detailing the art your soul needs right now and what that means for you. 

Information is wonderful, but how do you apply it... integrate it?  Mario Zeleny from Sancti Spiritus provides a 30 minute phone session to help you identify ways you can apply and integrate the report findings for maximum results.

A 30 Minute Strategy Session
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Mario Zeleny
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Or discover more below...